Dog Days Are Over

Whew!  Ten days since my last post…not good.  But here are my excuses for having been away from the keyboard:

1. I started driving a scooter in Goa and got addicted to the freedom of the open road!
2. I went for my first Watsu treatment at WatsuGoa (amazing…do check out this fantastic form of water therapy if there is a Watsu centre in your region)

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Life in the Slow Lane

With nearly a full week with Rolf and Marci now under my belt, I’m beginning to get the hang of things here in Candolim.  After leaving behind everything I’d gotten accustomed to over the past month at Purple Valley, my first couple of days here were a little lonely.  I may only be a 20-minute drive away from the place I called home until last weekend, but Candolim can feel a world away, especially when driving a scooter still seems a little out of my league.

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The Last Leg

I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon the last little while, as things came to a close at Purple Valley and I relocated to Candolim to practice with Rolf and Marci at Yoga Bones.  But I’m back now, and while my Goa brain is lying in the sun, refusing to think – let alone type – my fingers are going to do their best to get things up to speed on what’s been going on lately.

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The Halfway Point

One of my favourite photos of Petri from his book on the Primary series

That’s right…my India Adventure of 2011 has reached the halfway point – hard to believe.  While part of me feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been home, the other part knows my remaining time here is going to fly by.  Week Three with Petri seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye, due to the moon day on Friday.  In the traditional Ashtanga practice, there is no practice on full or new moons.  When these moon days fall on Fridays, we do a led practice of Primary Series to end the week on Thursday, and then get an extra long holiday seeing how Saturdays are always rest days.

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A New Chapter

The first two-week session ended at Purple Valley yesterday, which meant it was time for my dad to return home.  I can’t believe how fast our time together went by.  It seemed we were looking forward to the trip and planning this adventure for ages, anticipating what it might be like and imagining what it would mean to both of us.  Without a doubt, our time together in Goa has been beyond memorable.  Perhaps what was most fun about being here with Dad was spending time with him in the company of others who were getting to know both of us for the first time.  How often do you get to make new friends, with your dad by your side?

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Amy and I, out for din din

In a Goa State of Mind

It’s hard to believe that our second week at Purple Valley is already halfway over.  I’m not ready for this experience to end – so I’m staying!  That’s right…instead of moving on to Rolf and Marci next week as originally planned, Amy and I have decided to spend more time practicing with Petri.  She’ll stay on for a third week, while I’m playing with the idea of staying right through until the end of the month.  My practice has felt really strong here, and I want to seize the opportunity to see what more concentrated study with Petri could bring.

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