Hazy Days

I haven’t written for a few days now because, honestly, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit how little I’ve been doing this past week. I remember when I transitioned from my month-long retreat at Purple Valley to practicing with Rolf and Marci in Candolim two years ago; at first I had a serious case of boredom. I would ask people after practice as we sat around recovering at the juice hut, “What are you going to do for the rest of the day?” For most, it would be a strenuous combo of reading, checking email at the nearest internet café, napping on the beach, and for the really industrious, doing a bucket load of laundry.

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The Breaking Point

Kapotasana – King Pigeon Posture (Photo by Tom Rosenthal)

A few months ago, my friend and colleague Nicky Poole gave me a birthday card with the above image on the cover.  The photo was taken by Tim Rosenthal, who has photographed some of the world’s best-known asana practitioners. Visit his site and see these extraordinary images for yourself.

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